The Undertaker's Wife


Request time!

Oooookay so I figured out that the moments where I had any time to draw weren’t the ones when I was in front of my computer! I had started a pic on TegakiE but couldn’t scrape time for it…

Sooooo…. while I adjust to my Serious University Student schedule/life, please accept these hand-drawn pictures….

Shyeah somehow I had to make a lousy comic out of my requests instead of badass pics please forgive me durp…

I did it most in various classes and had no ref besides my old pages of mugshots I had done from memory… which also didn’t contain Edith… So it’s all about done from memory. I double-checked before scanning and did some corrections: surprisingly I didn’t forget/get anything majorly wrong, just some details like the lines on Lloyd’s overcoat and wonked up a few of Edith’s costume details (mainly I put more frills on various areas than there really were lol) :)

Cele, have I ever told you how much I love you? :Dc